Mass Effect adds a whole new selection of Battle Skills to Savage Worlds (see the Battle Skills section). Additionally, due to the futuristic setting of Mass Effect, many standard Savage Worlds Skills are not used or are replaced by other appropriate Skills.

The following Skills are appropriate and available in this rule set:
 Climbing (Strength)
 Fighting (Agility)
 Gambling (Smarts)
 Healing (Smarts) – Now called first aid, see below.
 Intimidation (Spirit)
 Investigation (Smarts)
 Knowledge (Smarts)
 Notice (Smarts)
 Persuasion (Spirit)
 Piloting (Agility)
 Repair (Smarts) – Requires Omni-Gel. See entry under equipment.
 Shooting (Agility)
 Stealth (Agility)
 Streetwise (Smarts)
 Survival (Smarts)
 Taunt (Smarts)
 Tracking (Smarts)

The following Skill has been added for this rule set:
 Hacking (Smarts) – Hacking is the science of software and the knowhow to circumvent, corrupt, or exploit it. Application of Hacking can be used to unlock a door, steal information, or hijack a mech.

The Skills listed below are not used in this rule set:
 Boating (Agility) – Watercraft are all but non-existent in Mass Effect.
 Driving (Agility) – This Skill has been absorbed into Piloting.
 Lock Picking (Agility) – Locking mechanisms are controlled electronically, replaced by Repair and Hacking.
 Riding (Agility) – Biological mounts (i.e. horses, etc.) are uncommon in Mass Effect.
 Swimming (Agility) – In the distant future, swimming is somewhat of a lost art.
 Throwing (Agility) – Grenades are thrown using either appropriate Battle Skills (Frag Grenade) or Shooting.

First Aid: First Aid works as the healing power but it requires a medigel and an omni-tool. It also has a c/d of 3. It advances as follows at the following dice:
1d4 – standard
1d6 – can now be used on a target within 3 hexes.
1d8 – c/d is reduced to 2.
1d10 – your medigel capacity increases by 1.
1d12 – you may now affect 2 targets within range with first aid, though each target requires a separate medigel.


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