House Rules


Some characters have the Shield (X) ability. “X” is equal to the volume of Shield layers the character has. If a character with remaining layers or “active” Shields suffers damage, resolve as follows:
If the damage equals or exceeds the character’s Toughness, it loses one Shield layer, plus an additional layer of shielding for each raise on the damage roll. If the amount of wounds taken exceeds the target’s remaining layer of shields, apply a Shaken result and then wounds as normal for each additional raise. Shields are not affected by Soak rolls. At the beginning of a character’s initiative count, the character regains one layer of Shield. Characters that are Shaken at the beginning of their turn do not regenerate Shields unless they recover from being Shaken. Characters with active Shield layers are immune to effects that would cause them to be Knocked Back, Pulled, or to become Prone. Shields do not protect characters from melee attacks.


Attacks with the Arcing characteristic ignore light and medium cover penalties for attacks as well as bonuses to Toughness.

Biotic Explosion

If a Biotic Attack that causes damage directly hits a character already under the effect of another Biotic Attack (Singularity, Warp), a Biotic Explosion occurs. Place a Small Burst Template over the character that was hit by the attack. All characters other than the target and the attacker that are under the template may attempt to Dive for Cover with an additional -2 penalty for each raise on the attack roll. Any character that failed their Dive for Cover roll suffers 2d6 damage, gets Knocked Back d3" directly away from the center of the burst (roll once for all targets), and becomes Prone. Raises on the triggering attack roll increase the Knocked Back distance as normal. If a character contacts an obstruction while being Knocked Back, they suffer an additional 1d6 Kinetic damage. Once the Biotic Explosion is resolved, the triggering attack resolves with an additional 1d6 damage against the character that was directly hit by the triggering attack.

Cool Down

Many, but not all, combat-related Skills in this conversion have a C/D stat. To use any Skill with a C/D stat, you must place the corresponding number of C/D markers on your character sheet. At the end of each round, remove one C/D marker from your character sheet. A character may not use Skills with a C/D stat if they have any C/D markers on their character sheet. If a character draws a Joker at Initiative, remove all C/D markers from their character sheet.
During his first initiative count, Jason’s Adept uses the Throw/Pull Skill, which has the stat C/D 2, so he places two C/D markers on his character sheet. At the end of the round, he removes one of his C/D markers. When his second initiative count comes up, he will still have one C/D marker on his character sheet, so he may not use any Skills with a C/D stat at that time. At the end of the second round, he’ll remove the last C/D marker and will be able to use a Skill with a C/D during his third initiative count.

Knocked Back/Pulled (X)
Many Battle Skills use the term Knocked Back or Pulled. Characters without an active Shield, Barrier, or Heavy Armor that are subject to an effect with “Knocked Back” are pushed directly away from the user or Pulled directly toward the user the accorded distance +1” for each raise on the Skill roll.

House Rules

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