All attributes are largely the same except as outlined below.

Carrying capacity and charisma derived statistics are altered as follows:

Weight units (replaces carrying capacity). You have a number of weight units equal to your strength dice. 1/2 a weight unit is automatically taken up from your misc gear – heat clips, omni gel, omni tool, etc. If you are under half your weight units (for instance – under 2 if your strength is d4) your C/D decreases by 1 for all skills. You can go up to your weight units and you suffer no penalty or bonus. For instance, a strength of d4 let’s you carry 4 weight units. If you go over that you suffer 1 point increase to C/D for all skills. For every quarter over you go again, you suffer another penalty. So if your strengrh was d4, for above 4 but under 5 you’d suffer a 1 point increase, for 5 or above but below 6 you’d suffer a 2 point increase, and etc.

Paragon and Renegade (replace charisma): Instead of charisma, we will use paragon and renegade. You can gain a total of 100 points in each, for every 20 points of paragon/renegade you gain a +1 to that score. Paragon adds it’s bonus to persuasion and streetwise while renegade adds it to intimidate and taunt, only when NOT used in combat as a test of wills. You may be awarded paragon or renegade for your actions. Additionally for every +1 to paragon you make purchases for 1% less, while for every +1 to renegade you get 1% more when liquidating loot. A Negative score makes you suffer penalties where bonuses are applied.


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